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Creative coding

All my examples can be viewed here:

I started this creative code library as a 30-days-challenge. I split the code up in cc-sketch and examples that stayed here. I create the code with Haxe (I'm currently only focussing on the JavaScript target but with Haxe that could easily change).

Most of my library code is inspired or based upon the work of George Gally, Seb Lee-Delisle, Matt DesLauriers (and probably many more) but they used a dynamic language (JavaScript) for. I want to use Haxe. So my start is a little bit slower converting everything to Haxe; a strictly typed language, but in the end, this will help me to work faster.

You can see my progress on this page:

This is not my first attempt, so if you want to check out my previous attempt: This attempt was to create a pattern in .svg.


After reading the article of George Gally it got me thinking. Yes, I liked the way Flash worked as well. And all the stuff that Flash can do, modern browsers can do as well.

So why not give it a try...

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Automaticly you will see my last sketch (an artist last work is "always" his best work...).

But when the browser has focus, you can use the cursors on your keyboard to navigate the sketches. Use cursor up to start with the first sketch, use cursor left and right to go the previouse and next sketch and use the down cursor to go to the last sketch.

key action
cursor up goto first sketch
cursor down goto last sketch
cursor left goto previous sketch
cursor right goto next sketch
cmd + s save image as jpg
cmd + shift + s save image as png

But here you can see the sketches that I like the most:


I later used the same library to create the images for the calendar